Static Website

Static Website Means That Website Are Attractive and Very Simple UI Design

6 Static Web Pages

In This Our Plann We Provide the 6 Static Web Pages.That Static Web pages Are Very Attractive and simple.In the Six Static Web Pages We Include Some common Web Pages Like,home,about us,portfolio & gallary,contact us etc.

Web Hosting With 1 Domain

In this Plann We Provide The Web Hosting in Overall Cost Of the Project.There Is no Extra Charge For Web Hosting.We give The 1 Domain With The Web Hosting So The Customer Don't Worry About the Domain Purchase.

10 Email Address

We give The 10 email address With The Web Hosting.

6 Months Maintaince Free

With This Plann We Provide the 6 months maintance Free(note:in the maintance We Provide the Server reliability efficiency and Performance This Maintance Is not for updation in Website).

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